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MuseCam: Expand Your iPhone Photography With Advanced Controls

Last week I gave a few tips on how you can best photograph the upcoming Vivid Sydney from your iPhone, including how apps can help you capture professional photos by giving you more control. Since writing that guide I have come across a new app which has already become the app I use to not only capture my photos, but to also edit my photos.

It app is called MuseCam, a new photography app which enables manual camera controls of your iPhone camera, while also being an advanced photo editor with professional editing tools, film emulating presets, colour tools, split toning, depth of field control, and other professional image adjustments – all in the one app.

MuseCam App On iPhone

The ability to edit your photos with this app isn’t limited to the photos you take with it, but if you do you’ll have much more manual control than you do in the standard iPhone camera app – and it’s quite easy to use. For starters, you have custom exposure for your iPhone camera while having independent control of the shutter, ISO, white balance, and focus – or simply leave it on ‘Auto’ for those times you want to quickly take a photo or two.

A powerful camera with full control over your image. Quickly and simply adjust all parameters of your image, including ISO, EV, focus & white balance.

A big part of the app is the professional photo editing tools all of which can be used with the photos you’ve taken from your iPhone, or even ones you’ve taken in the past including another camera for example an SLR – you don’t even need to import your photos into the app either (unlike other apps such as VSCO), as it simply uses the photos in your photo library saving space on your device.

The app brings a collection of film-inspired presets along with the ability to create your own custom presets, and filters. A colour tool for adjusting hue, saturation, and luminance of different colours, split toning to induce colour into the shadows or the highlights of you photo (or both), and lots more.

One of the best sounding features of the app is it’s ‘non-destructive’ feature, meaning you can edit, and render your images at max-resolution without compromising quality.

MuseCam is available from the App Store for both iPhone and iPad for free with an In-App purchase A$10.99 (A fair price on the ability and features this app offers). You can also check a full list of features from the MuseCam website or following them on Instagram.



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