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Optus Says Yes To Data-Free Mobile Music Streaming

Finally. Australia has a mobile provider which now allows you to stream music over 4G/3G from mobile devices such as iPhone without it counting towards your data limit. The offer which was announced recently by Optus is the first time a telecom provider has enabled data free music streaming in Australia – at a time music streaming is increasingly being used by many of us especially when commuting.

Spotify Music Streaming

Spotify Music Streaming

The Data-free Music streaming offer is available when using mobile apps from a range of services including: Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Guvera and lastly Spotify, one of the largest and most popular music streaming services which offer over 30 millions tracks. Unfortunately Apple’s music streaming service Apple Music is a noticeably missing, likely due to Telstra partnering up with Apple to offer their service free with selected plans (however data is not unlimited).

“Although Australia is a nation of music lovers, we know that data is the number one barrier for Optus customers when it comes to music streaming. We’re confident these plans will break down the data barrier and convince more Aussie’s to try music streaming with Optus prepaid,” Mr White said.

There are some exclusions in the offer you should take note of (you can view all of them at the Optus website). You cannot stream videos data-free from any of the services, seems fair since video are a lot bigger in size than songs. If you choose to download any music (often a ‘save for offline’ feature to many of these apps), data will be counted. You will also need to be on a selected pre-paid plan meaning anyone on SIM Only or contracts plans are not eligible for the offer.

Optus Prepaid Plans - Data Free Streaming

Optus My Prepaid Ultimate Plans

The offer is available from May 2nd 2016, but does expire 16/7/2017 – hopefully by then it becomes a permanent offer and adopted by other providers around Australia.

For more information on the offer, or to order a pre-paid SIM head over to the Optus website.


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