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Instantly Turn Your iPhone Photos Into Polaroids With The Zip Mobile Printer

Polaroid’s Zip Instant photo printer wirelessly connects to your iPhone, allowing you to instantly print your favourite photos. How it does this, and what it ends up printing makes this printer one that I can see being a whole lot of fun with friends – especially at a party.

The printer produces 2×3″ photos that are in full colour but you may be surprised to read there is no ink involved whatsoever. It does this by using ‘ZINK’ zero ink technology and printing onto special ZINK Polaroid photo paper, which you can buy packs of separately and simply load them up in the printer.

Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer Printing Photo

The type photo paper it prints onto is not typical either – the sheets double as instant stickers, with the back of the Polaroid photo paper peal-able to reveal an adhesive side so you can stick them in a book, on the wall or wherever you want. The photos are also smudge and waterproof.

Just download the free Polaroid Zip app to edit and personalise photos with emojis, drawings and more.

The printer comes with built-in Bluetooth, so it’s compatible with just about any iPhone, iPad, iPod. All you need to do is download the free Polaroid Zip App to start taking photos, you can also edit them with Polaroid filters, emojis, drawings, and more before you print.

The Polaroid ZIP Instant Mobile Printer is available from Apple including Apple Australia for A$199.95, Apple New Zealand for NZ$229.95 and Apple US for US$129.95. It comes with 10 sheets of the ZINK paper however you can also purchase additional paper from Apple.

  • Wirelessly print from your iPhone, iPad or iPod
  • Print full-colour, smudge-proof photos
  • Peel-back sticky photos make them instant stickers
  • Edit and add emojis, drawings, and more from a free app
  • Uses zero ink


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