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Monitor Weather Around Your Home With The Elgato Eve HomeKit Sensor For iPhone

The Eve Weather Sensor is a smart home accessory that can make weather personal by telling you exactly how the weather is outside of your house. It’s integrated with Apple’s HomeKit technology so not only is it secure and easy to set up, but asking for your own weather is as simple as asking Siri from an iPhone or even Apple Watch.

The Elgato Eve Weather HomeKit Sensor knows the weather by measuring and sensing a number of information including the temperature, humidity and air pressure. This data is then easily displayed on an iPhone using the free Elgato Eve app, interestingly the information can be viewed back by a particular day, month or even year.

Monitor weather conditions around your house on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The HomeKit integration of this product means the setup between the product, and an iPhone is very simple, and easy. It also means the data, and security of the product is protected with Apple’s HomeKit Encryption so no one else will have access to your data. One of the highlights with HomeKit is how it can learn about your home and devices, in this case asking for the current weather is as simple as Siri – simply ask for temperature and humidity readings.

HomeKit Eve Sensor With iPhone Weather

The weather sensor can be played anywhere outside of the home and operates on long-lasting rechargeable batteries meaning no wires or connections are necessary. Elgato have also designed a separate product, the Eve Indoor Room Sensor capable of measuring information from rooms inside your home including Air Quality, Temperature and Humidity.

The Elgato Eve Weather HomeKit Sensor is very affordable at being only A$84.95 from Apple Australia, NZ$89.95 from Apple New Zealand, and US$49.95 from Apple US along with free shipping or pickup from selected stores.


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