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ExoLens With ZEISS Optics Brings Professional Quality Photos To The iPhone

The new ExoLens Kit brings wide-lens ZEISS Optics to an iPhone via a simple attachment, which allows you to capture professional quality photos and video by using the same technology that is used in high-end DSLR Camera.

The lens can be attached to an iPhone with a simple machined aluminium bracket that secures the lens in place. This bracket also includes a standard tripod mount built-in and includes an integrated mount for other accessories such as lights, as well as audio.

Wide-angle lens based on the same technology that’s been used for high-end DSLR cameras.

ExoLens has partnered with ZEISS, who have been engineering professional optics for more than 170 years and have designed a lens which includes the same technology seen in SLR cameras. The lens which is an 18mm equivalent is virtually distortion free, has exceptional edge-to-edge contrast, and a stunning picture quality.

Shot from ExoLens with Optics by ZEISS Wide-Angle Lens

The kit includes ZEISS Mutar 0.6x Asph T* wide-angle lens, a machined aluminium bracket, aluminium lens hood with lens cap plus a microfiber carry and lens case.

The ExoLens With ZEISS Optics iPhone Kit is available for both the 4.7-inch iPhone 6/6s and large 5.5-inch iPhone 6/6s Plus from Apple exclusively.


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