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Track Your Ski Runs From An iPhone Or Apple Watch With These Apps

Winter has arrived for those of us in the southern hemisphere which means another ski season is upon us. I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to highlight an app I discovered while on the ski fields of Queenstown, New Zealand last year which enabled me to record information about my ski runs with my iPhone, and Apple Watch.

The type of app I was looking for wasn’t one which recorded how many calories I’ve burnt (my Apple Watch already does this), but one which could show me how fast I flew down the mountain, the length of the ski run, or even if I didn’t do so well and fell. I ended up finding out an app that ticked all of those boxes, but to my surprise did a lot more than I expected.

Ski Tracks App

The app I came across is called Ski Tracks, I was particularly interested in this app because it can record an entire days worth of skiing information without the need for mobile data (I needed to avoid an expensive roaming bill) plus it has the Apple Watch integration I was looking for.

Ski Tracks will record all your mountain movements and analysis your performance and even provide Run-by-Run analysis or your whole day.

Unfortunately for me I discovered this app in the last few hours of the final day of skiing, but during that time it recorded an impressive amount of information including: Ski distance, the number of runs I completed, slope degrees, my max and average speed, altitude, duration and more. Impressibly though It also displaying where I’ve skied on the mountain, I could literally see which ski runs of the Coronet Peak Ski Field I had completed.Apple Watch while Skiing

The Apple Watch side of the app highlighted to me the benefit of having an Apple Watch, in this particular case I simply needed to raise my wrist up and look at all the stats live – It saved me having to take off my ski gloves, dig into my ski pants, pull out my iPhone, unlock it then go to the app (have you ever tried to do that in the freezing cold?). For those of you who may be thinking how the Apple Watch did in the snow … It was perfectly fine while skiing, but I’d suggest making sure it’s under your ski jacket.

Ski Tracks is available from the App Store for A$1.49 with no ongoing In-App purchases or fees.

Other Skiing Apps

Another app which looks particularly interesting is Slopes, which also has an Apple Watch side to the app. If anything It seems to have even more features than the Ski Tracks app, with comprehensive live stats and graphs, uses iPhones 3D touch, M7 co-processor and HealthKit technology and shows detailed recaps, and interactive 3D replays of your runs (plus lots more.)

Track speed, vertical, distance, lift vs trail time, and more, all while going easy on your phone’s battery. Designed and built by an avid snowboarder.

Slopes is available from the App Store for free however does require you to purchase a monthly pass for $8.99 or yearly season pass for $19.99. A fair cost considering it was written by independent designer/developer Curtis Herbert.

Slopes Ski Track iPhone App


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