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Vivid Light Sydney Shot On An iPhone 6s Gallery

A few weeks ago I wrote a guide on Vivid Sydney, one of the largest events held in Sydney Australia, which every year turns the city into colour with huge light projections. A big part of that guide included photography tips and ideas on how you can capture the event from an iPhone by using apps that allow you to manually adjust controls of the camera, and edit your photos to bring out the colour.

I managed to get to the event and take some photos myself, so I wanted to share a few of my favourite shots. All of these have been taken using my iPhone 6s Plus, and edited in the MuseCam app – a new advanced photography editing app I came across recently.

Vivid Sydney 2016 iPhone 6s-1

I also managed to take some ‘Light Trails’ from a third-party app called NightCap Pro, which let me capture a few photos with the light being essentially recorded onto the photo as if it was a light painting – this is definitely the best app I have come across for long exposure photography to date. This proved especially useful/interesting during the Intel Drone Show where 100 drones were flown into the air above Sydney Harbour.

iPhone, Tripod & Apps Used

As mentioned all photos have been taken using an iPhone 6s Plus, however to capture some of the photos I have used an iPhone tripod plus a few apps as I’ve listed below:

Vivid 2016 Gallery


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