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Mission Juno: Explore The Connection Between Space Exploration And Creative Expression

On Monday, July 4th there was a real buzz of excitement around the world however it wasn’t so much to do with Independence Day celebrations that occurs every year in the US but because of Juno – the spacecraft.

In 2011 NASA launched Juno which has ever since slowly got closer to its destination being Jupiter’s orbit. It reached that destination this week on July 4th to begin its mission to explore and study our solar system’s largest planet – Jupiter.

While there is plenty of information out there regarding the mission itself I wanted to highlight a short film on Apple Music called ‘Destination: Jupiter‘, which explores the connection between space exploration, and creative expression through innovation, music, and creativity.Visions Of Harmony

The 9-minute video presented by Apple Music touches on the Juno mission but goes on to show this connection of creativity and space exploration through music. The video starts off with Scott Bolton, the principal Investigator of Juno who describes how the mission needed to be looked at in an artistic perspective and an analytical perspective.

The innovation [Of Juno] comes from the combination of analytical and creative thought. Neither one can make progress unless you got both.

Throughout the video Scott Bolton and a number of musicians continue to describe this connection. Including how Juno sends out tones which are essentially musical notes which enable them to see how Juno is going to its journey to Jupiter.

The entire video can be watched on Apple Music along with exclusive music from the film including the single ‘Juno‘ By Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, a chilling soundscape of unspeakable beauty from the Oscar-winning duo.


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