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Wide-Lens iPhone 6s Photography From Sydney Australia

Walking around Sydney, taking photos with my iPhone is something I do quite often. No matter how many times I explore the city, I always return with many photos of some of the well-known landmarks including Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Circular Quay, etc.

However, my recent visit was different to the rest because I chose to attach a professional wide-lens to my iPhone. For the first time I was able to get different perspectives of these landmarks that I wasn’t able to capture previously, and come up with some interesting and – in my experience, different – photos.
Sydney iPhone Wide-Lens-4

The wide-lens I’m using is one by ExoLens who have partnered up with ZEISS, and who engineer the optics in the lens. This is a lens I reviewed only recently in a video, so be sure to check it out if you would like a bit more information about the product specifically. For those who would like an idea about the type of photos these lens can produce consider this post to be my first set of sample photos.

The lens is a wide, 18mm equivalent, so it allowed my iPhone to ‘see’ a lot more than before. For example, in the photo above I was able to get a fair amount of the Opera House, along with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the one photo. I also felt colours and light from the sunset captured much better due to the size of the lens. The iPhone 6s Plus camera, in addition to ExoLens, allowed for light and tone to be captured accurately/naturally to match what I could see.

Gear Used

All photos were captured with an iPhone 6s Plus from the standard camera app with ExoLens with ZEISS Optics attached.


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