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Discover Interesting Videos Curated Daily By Hyper, Now On iPhone & Apple TV

When I want to find new videos to watch go straight to YouTube however finding quality, and interesting videos is always seems like a challenge. I’ve recently across an app which solves this issue by bringing quality videos which have been handpicked from the web by filmmakers and delivered daily for me to watch.

The idea is simple … think of it as a daily magazine but for videos. Every single day the Hyper app delivers 10 new videos for me to watch which have been handpicked by a team of filmmakers who spend every day watching videos (what a job!). Videos which are based on my interests while at the same time delivering some on surprising topics.

The design of the app is sleek, simple, and impressive all of which has got me instantly hooked. Impressive is the features you exactly don’t see like the fact the app downloads the 10 videos automatically for me during the night so I can experience the videos the next day offline without wasting cellular data – Perfect for a train trip or flight.

Hyper Apps

Hyper is ad free and is available for free from the App Store for iPhone and iPad. There’s also an app available for the new Apple TV bringing curated videos to the big screen.


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