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Great Apps For Creating And Editing Videos On iOS

Last week I highlighted SF3, Australia’s annual international smartphone film festival which allows anyone around the world to submit a short film as long as it was shot from a smartphone including an iPhone.

Shooting video from smartphones is easy but you also need to edit what you capture. Perhaps you’re looking to submit a movie into the film festival, or you want to put together a video either way here is some suggested apps available for iOS which allows you to edit your film from an iPhone or iPad while on the go.


Once only available on the Mac, iMovie is a full mobile editing app which is designed and created by Apple. It’s also free with every purchase of an iOS device so chances are you already have it.

Editing a video on the iPad Pro

Editing on the iPad Pro

iMovie allows you to import your video, add transitions, title screens, music, effects and more. iMovie is available to the iPhone and on the iPad, i even highlighted the app in my iPad Pro review earlier on in the year.

Pinnacle Studio Pro

If you’re looking for something easy but offers advanced editing on the go Pinnacle Studio Pro has gone on to win some awards as being one of the best video editing apps available on iOS.

You can easily access your media (from your device or even external sources such as Dropbox), arrange your clips into a storyboard then make precision edits including the ability to add high-quality effects, transitions and more. The app also allows editing of 4K video which you can capture from the new iPhone 6s and iPhone SE and other smartphones.

The app does come at a cost of A$19.99 but you will get it for both the iPhone and the iPad.


Designed and made by GoPro Splice video editor by GoPro is a video editor and movie maker in one for both the iPhone and iPad – It’s well rated and millions of splice videos are created very month.

Much like the previous apps mentioned Splice too brings powerful video-editing tools, text overlays, narration, music and sound effects, transitions and a whole lot more.

Splice is aimed to be extremely easy to use but the best thing of all – it’s free!



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