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Australia’s International Smartphone Film Festival Guide

Many of us are realising the potential and possibilities the iPhone, iPad and other smart devices now offer for video. Australia is about to host a second annual international smartphone film festival for all kinds of mobile filmmakers. The festival aims to showcase a range of submissions whether you’re a professional or just beginning – however, entries are closing soon.

This short overview will help you learn more about the smartphone film festival, how you can enter your own film, plus some tips shared by SF3 to get you going.

You can also learn more on the event itself at the official SmartFone Flick Festival website.

The Event

SmartFone Flick Fest (SF3) is Australia’s only international smartphone film festival for anyone – all ages, around the world –who love to shoot and create videos from their phone. It’s the perfect festival for beginners and professionals to bring their creativity, and ideas to live while having their videos seen by a global audience.

SF3 iPhone

So how can you enter? All movies must be no longer than six and a half minutes (including credits) and must be shot from a smartphone such as an iPhone or an iPad/tablet. Smartphone Lenses and other accessories, which are great for enhancing filming, are allowed. Entries close August 1st, 2016.

Tickets for the Gala Awards night to be held at the Chauvel Cinema, Paddington on Friday August 26th are also now on sale with screening to begin 7:30pm, while networking with filmmakers, judges, sponsors, and VIPs from 6:30pm.

For more information on rules and prizes please visit the SF3 website.

Tips On Filming

Filming on a smartphone is made relatively easy, however SF3 have shared some of their favourite tips on how you can improve the video your smartphone shoots.

  1. Always shoot video in horizontal (widescreen) and not in portrait mode to get the best viewing experience for your video.
  2. Sound – While most smartphones these days have decent microphones consider external microphones which capture even better sound quality from your smartphone. Apple even sell a range of microphones suitable for iPhone/iPad.
  3. Framing – don’t always go for the obvious shot. Play around with the composition and don’t always place your subject in the middle of the shot.
  4. Consider using a smartphone tripod or similar accessory to steady your for shots – i.e. a gimbal.

Many smartphones, including the new iPhone SE, 6s and 6s Plus now shoot video in 4K resolution, which four times the resolution of a HD TV. There is also a range of apps available for editing your videos, such as iMovie on iOS, which I touched on in my iPad Pro review.


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