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Data-free Apple Music Mobile Streaming Arrives In Australia

The great thing about streaming services like Apple Music is the ability to just choose a song and start listening to it immediately. Apple Music gives you access to literally millions of songs, albums, curated playlists, a 24-hour radio station called Beats 1, and lots more.

However, streaming can potentially eat quite a large chunk of your data-limit or at least, make you worried about how much it’s using (although it is possible to save songs for offline). For years we’ve seen carriers overseas bring data-free music streaming with no carrier in Australia doing so – until now.


Telstra has announced Apple Music is now data-free on selected phone plans and SIM-Only plans allowing you to stream music without it counting towards your data allowance. On top of that, you will also get 6-months free membership – an offer you cannot get at any other carrier.

Access the full Apple Music library with data-free music streaming.

The offer does, however, exclude downloads (saving songs for offline) which are best to do over Wi-Fi, pre-paid plans, and no surprises for video being excluded, they use a lot more data than songs. For more information head over to the Telstra website.

Apple Music is available for a large range of devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac/PC, the New Apple TV, in the car with CarPlay, and Android.


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