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Osmo Educational Coding Game Kit For iPad Review

Kids love iPads and in today’s world coding is very important to learn so what if there was a way to have kids learning the basics of coding in a fun, interacting way while on an iPad? This is exactly what the Coding Game Kit for iPad by award-winning company Osmo aims to achieve.

I’ve recently spent a bit of time using the kit to get an idea of how it exactly works and to get an idea on how it achieves the goal of being an award-winning educational accessory for your child.

The Osmo Gaming Kit uses physical playful blocks, an iPad, and a free app to teach coding In an interactive fun way which kids will love. These are not just regular blocks, they are commands which form the basis of coding and programming. In this case, these commands are used to move an animated character in the app in an adventure of reaching and collecting fruit.

Osmo Coding Kit Game-1

At the start, the app did a great job of getting me right into using the blocks by displaying on screen how I needed to arrange them. As I arranged these coding blocks the app displayed where the character was going to go. For example, In the above It showed the character needed to go left once, then up four [grids], it was my job to arrange the blocks correctly.

The way I had to arrange the blocks and therefore commands start off fairly simple but they got more challenging as I went on. There were also plenty of times where the app had me stopping, thinking, and arranging the blocks to program the character to reach fruit without the solution being displayed on screen – these additional bonuses didn’t just make the animated character happy but will reward your child for coming up with the correct block combination [command] themselves.

Osmo has done a great job with combining playful coloured blocks and technology to create a learning system which is great for kids and for parents to sit down with their child and learn together. I can also see this being a great learning tool in schools.

The Osmo Gaming Kit includes everything you need but you just need your own iPad, it’s made for iPad 2-4, the iPad Air 1/2, all iPad Mini models, and the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The free app can be downloaded from the app store which can easily be updated for more functionality by Osmo.

You can learn more or buy a kit exclusively at Apple including Apple Online Australia for A$129.95, Apple Online New Zealand for NZ$149.95 and Apple Online US for $79.95.

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What's Great
Extremely fun & Interactive
Teaches coding through physical command blocks
Playful fun app kids will love
More challenging as you progress
Simple to set up

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