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Tangram’s Smart Jump Rope For iPhone Tracks Your Workout & Fitness Mid Air

The classic skipping rope is one of the most effective ways to burn calories while working out and is one of the most used fitness devices. As you workout what if there was a way to see how much calories you’ve burnt, or how many skips you’ve completed and more all automatically?

Tangram have designed a product which does just this by creating a jumping rope that is designed to be used like a typical skipping rope but does everything a typical rope doesn’t do. This includes displaying information of your workout mid-air thanks to LED lights built into the rope, recording fitness data wirelessly, and syncing with Apple HealthKit to display this information on the Health app.

To use the Smart Jump Rope all you need to do is wirelessly pair it to your smartphone including an iPhone or iPad, download the free Smart Gym Pro app and you’re set to go – use the rope as you would with a classic skipping rope.

The rope will begin to display information as you skip and record the all important fitness data. It’s great to see Apple HealthKit incorporated into the product because it means all your fitness information is displayed in the health app of your iOS device, an Apple designed app which is designed to give you an even more accurate picture of your overall well-being.

The Tangram Smart Jump Rope is available exclusively at Apple including Apple Australia for A$129.95, Apple New Zealand for NZ$149.95 and Apple US for US$79.95.


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