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How I Use The Health App & Apple Watch To Motivate Myself To Be More Healthy

The Health App has been sitting on our iPhones ever since iOS 8 and while the name is obvious I’m still occasionally asked how do you actually use it? How do you get your health information into the app?

As someone who works from home, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of not exercising much at all but every day I use this Health App along with the Apple Watch to ensure I stay motivated. I thought I’d share the very simple way I do this, it’s not about some crazy diet it’s just about being a little active and eating a bit better all of which seems more difficult to do in today’s world.


The Health App is a central place where information about your health, fitness, and wellbeing is stored comprising of things from activity, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Sleep, and a whole lot more. The app needs to get this information from somewhere: for tracking my health, this information comes from my Apple Watch and an app called MyFitnessPal. They are essentially the only two things that I use and both are capable of gaining information about my health and in different ways.

Apple Watch

My Apple Watch is capable of automatically tracking a lot of information throughout the day and adding it to the Health App. This includes my Walking + Running distance, Active Energy, Steps, Resting Energy, Workouts, Stand Hours, Exercise Minutes. Most importantly though it can measure my heart rate a very important body Vital reading.


As it does this throughout the day my Activity Rings are filled – three simple rings which show Move, Exercise, and Standing. Every day I have a simple goal of ensuring all three rings are complete and in doing so motivates me to ensure I go for a walk every day. On days I go to the gym I also ensure I have a workout running on my Apple Watch so it’s constantly tracking thing like my heart rate, calories burnt, exercise minutes and more.


While there are many apps which support the Health App MyFitnessPal is the one I choose to use because it is capable of adding a substantial amount of Nutrition information into the health app. The app can also read information as well (with your permission) so it can gather information my Apple Watch has added into the app such as my exercise minutes or my heart rate.

Apple Health App iPhone

The reason I use MyFitnessPal is to add in the food I eat it’s not for the purpose of dieting necessarily, it’s just about being able to make me realise just how bad some food is out there. I’ve already been surprised by a number of times I’ve scanned just one item of food to be alarmed with the amount of sugar that in it, or the amount of fat, sodium, etc.

In Summary

At the end of each day, I’m able to get a summary of my nutritional information and activity. Every day I try to ensure the activity rings on my Apple Watch is completely full while at the same time eating food that is good.

The new Apple Watch Series 2 now includes built-in GPS, Water resistance to 50 metres, a new dual-core processor and has a display that is twice as bright as previously is now available to buy from Apple online.

There’s also a whole bunch of other Health-enabled apps available for iPhone and the Apple Watch includes ones which analyse your sleeping, mindfulness, and lots more. Simply go to “Apple for Health” on the app store in the featured section.


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