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DJI Phantom 4 Smart Flying Camera Drone Price Cut At Apple

Some months ago Apple teamed up with DJI to exclusively release one of the world’s smartest flying camera drones – The DJI Phantom 4. Since release, it now seems Apple has delivered a price cut with the drone now up to $300 cheaper.

The drone itself is the smartest flying drone DJI has created allowing you to capture amazing aerial photography and video on your iPhone or iPad wirelessly from the drone. What makes the drone smart is technology built-in which also makes it one of the easiest to fly.

Sensors in the drone allow the drone to see obstacles such as trees, cliffs, people, and all the typical things drones might tend to find themselves flying into. When you’re flying the drone which is as easy as tapping on your iPhone or iPad the drone will move and automatically stop at obstacles. There’s also advanced visual tracking, GPS, professional quality photography, 4K video capture, and lots more.

Get the ultimate iPhone or iPad shot of yourself running, surfing, even driving—ready to share everywhere.

The drone is compatible with a wide range of Apple products including iPhone 5s and newer, all iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro models. Simply download the free DJI GO app to fly the drone from any of these devices.

The good news, you can now purchase the drone at up to $300 cheaper with Apple cutting the price of the camera drone recently. In Australia, you can save A$300 with the drone now costing A$2,099.95 from Apple Online AU. New Zealand has also received an NZ$300 discount and is now NZ$2,399.95 from Apple Online NZ. Lastly in the United States Apple has cut the price by $200 with the drone now available at US$1,199.95 from Apple Online.


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