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Exploring Home Automation In iOS 10 With The Schlage HomeKit Smart Deadbolt

Earlier on I wrote a guide on Apple HomeKit explaining how easy it is to control home accessories like lights, doors, sensors, and more wirelessly from your Apple device. Since then Home Automation has got even easier with it now being integrated deeper into iOS with the latest release of iOS 10.

To demonstrate how this all works I have created a video showing how you can control your home by using a HomeKit-enabled product from Schlage called the SenseSmart Deadbolt which I also reviewed some months ago.

The Home App

Home Automation in iOS 10 comes in the form of a new app called Home where all compatible accessories can be controlled and their current status displayed. Your favourite accessories can also be quickly accessed by the new control centre by swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone or iPad display than to the right.

This Home App allows you to specify different rooms and assign an accessory to it. In this case, I have assigned my smart door to the Living Room, and can see its current status. Because it’s in the living room I can tell Siri to lock this specific door by saying “Hey Siri please lock the living room door”. If I had wireless lighting I could specify lights in different rooms and say things like “Hey Siri dim the kitchen lights to 50%” or “Hey Siri please turn off the bedroom light,” and so on.

Home is also integrated into the Apple Watch allowing me to do all of this right from my wrist – which is a pretty cool feature.

Finally, there is Automation, which will have these devices around my home do certain things automatically for different events. For example, if I left my home and I forgot to lock my door, it will be automatically locked or when I arrive home, it will have the door automatically unlock and my wireless lights turn on all of which are totally optional.

Sense Deadbolt Door

Overall the experience of Home Automation is now much better than ever before now that it’s built into iOS, the Apple Watch and even the new Apple TV.

I’d highly recommend the Schlage Smart Deadbolt. This brand has certainly come up with a great product, and I can’t fault the quality of the build, either. It is a very solid product which I can see lasting for many years to come. You can learn more about this product with my review from some months ago – however, note it was done pre-iOS 10.


You will start to see more of these home automation products out there as this kind of technology really starts to take off, all you need to do is look out for the orange ‘Works With Apple HomeKit’ certification sticker – this means it’s been certified to work with Apple HomeKit technology, which uses encryption, making it just about impossible for these wireless accessories to be controlled by anyone other than you.


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