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Listen To Studio Ghibli Soundtracks And Music From Their Feature Films On Apple Music

Popular Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli are well known for their feature films, which have achieved much success around the world since starting in 1985. What makes their feature films so good isn’t just their detailed animation, but the soundtrack and music throughout the films.

Over the weekend Apple Music and Studio Ghibli exchanged a hello over Twitter to announce music from the studio can now be listened to on Apple’s music streaming service Apple Music – bringing soundtracks and playlists from the many feature films.

Studio Ghibli Playlists

There are 26 Studio Ghibli albums you can listen to providing hours of music including many original soundtracks including from their first feature film Castle In The Sky (1986) to their highest grossing film Spirited Away (2001).

Apple Music Anime has also created a number of playlists, including one Best of Studio Ghibli Songs, which describes music as playing a central role in Studio Ghibli’s feature films by heightening the whimsy and drama of the studio’s beloved animated films.

You can view the playlists and soundtracks on Apple Music by going to Apple Music is available in many countries around the world with a free 3-month trial then a monthly membership fee.



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