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Learn Swift Coding On Your iPad With The New Apple Swift Playgrounds App

Swift is a modern programming language created by Apple that is the foundation of many of the popular apps we use every day on iOS devices – like iPhone and the iPad. Being the latest coding language from Apple it makes it a great programming language to learn if you’re interested in coding, making apps, or just want to have a bit of fun.

I have next to no coding knowledge at all so where do I start? The answer to this is with a brand new App created and released from Apple called Swift Playgrounds, an app where we can all learn Swift programming language from an iPad in a way that is fun, interactive, and educational.Swift Playgrounds iPad Pro

The idea behind the app is pretty simple – programming lessons guide us through many areas of Swift Coding from the basics of issuing commands, creating functions, performing loops, and lots more. On the left is the code we learn to create while on the right is the result of that code. The first lesson “Fundamentals of Swift” starts us off with the very basics of Swift, quickly we can go beyond the basics with Lesson 2. Each lesson can be downloaded for free but there’s also a range of extra challenges with more added over time.

Similar to the Osmo Coding Kit I reviewed last month a graphical interactive character called Byte is one of the on-screen characters used to make the learning experience fun and simple by using code to make him move and do a range of tasks.

Swift Playgrounds is available on the App Store for free and is compatible with all iPad Air and iPad Pro models plus iPad mini 2 and later running the new iOS 10 software.


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