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How Vodafone Australia’s International Roaming Deal Helped Me Travel Around Europe

How great would It be if you could use your mobile phone such as an iPhone while travelling overseas just as if you were back home in Australia – data included? It sounds like something that would turn out to be very expensive because often it is, so the hunt for free Wi-Fi or researching a travel SIM is often the only thing you can do.

Vodafone Australia has taken the step to offer a very good International roaming deal that I chose to use while travelling around Switzerland, Spain, and the Netherlands for a month. It was a huge help to me and surprisingly very easy to use so I wanted to explain what the deal is and highlight how it helped me during my travelling.

Here’s the deal… for $5 a day I could use my iPhone overseas to over 50 countries as if I never left the country. I got access to my entire data limit, standard calls and texts meaning I could use my entire 12GB of data I have per month over in Europe while also receiving messages and calls (as well as making them). The only thing I had to do was have data roaming turned on my iPhone and land in the country – I instantly received a text message from Vodafone confirming the offer was in place.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

It turned out this deal ended up helping me in more ways than I expected. First off I saved a heck of a lot of money (If I was with any other carrier the amount of data I used would easily have blown my monthly phone bill into the four digit number). Secondly, I didn’t have to worry about finding a Wi-Fi hotspot – as good as they are you are not going to find a free hotspot everywhere you go plus I didn’t have to worry about those annoying Wi-Fi login steps.

I also felt a lot more comfortable getting around because I was able to get directions from map apps and find my way around – Including when I rode a bike from Basel, Switzerland to Germany. While hiking around I was able to share these photos instantly to Instagram including the photos I captured from the alps of Switzerland which I recently shared.

  • Much cheaper than other carriers
  • Could get directions in maps
  • Share photos instantly to Instagram
  • Could receive those confirm-code SMS’s from my online bank
  • Stream Apple Music
  • and much more

You can learn more about Vodafone Australia’s International Global Roaming deal including which plans you need to be on, what countries the deal applies to, and more from their website.


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