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Mini Metro Mobile, A Simple And Addictive Minimalistic Game

We’ve all seen those colourful subway or train maps in cities around the world with lines of colours indicating each line joined from station to station. So when I came recently across a game on the App Store called Mini Metro that is designed just like these maps I was particularly interested in knowing what the game was all about.

Mini Metro Mobile

Mini Metro is a minimalistic subway simulator game where essentially the aim of the game is to build the most effective subway system layout that will move people to and from stations quickly before a station becomes overcrowded – if it does then the game is over. The idea is simple so is the design and has become one of the most addictive games I’ve come across in a while.Mini MetroWinning the game sounds quite easy but I can tell you now it’s not. It is very easy to think you’re on the right track, everything is going smoothly, and you have no problems at all. However, as time goes by the game begins to add more stations randomly at any location that you need to connect which gives you two choices to make – extend an existing line or create a new line.

Making a line longer means it takes more time for the train to go from end to end so stations start to fill up and become crowded which is exactly what you are trying to not do. Creating new lines seems like a simple solution but you have to be conscious of which stations you join – I quickly learnt how one line could easily transfer plenty of passengers onto a line which is already congested.Mini Metro Mobile Game on iPad

This challenge is made more puzzling because you are limited by a certain number of lines, trains, and tunnels and if a station is extremely full but so is the carriage of the train arriving then you have a big issue. There are 10 real-world cities you can choose from such as building the tram network of Melbourne, subways of New York, Paris, and even Shinkansen lines of Osaka, Japan.

Where To Buy

Mini Metro is available on a wide range of platforms but recently became available on touch devices such as the iPhone and iPad – I’d highly recommend checking it out on the App Store.


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Things I Love
Simple recognisable design
Game plays out differently every turn
Challenging but extremely fun

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