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Exploring Barangaroo International Towers Sydney From The Inside

The few times I’ve explored Barangaroo – Sydney’s new major precinct I have always wondered what it would be like to see Sydney from inside the high-rise commercial towers which make a big part of what Barangaroo is all about.

Over the weekend one of these towers were opened to the public for the first time with an event called Sydney Open, an annual event which sees buildings in Sydney opened to the public to explore.

The Towers

Known as the International Towers Sydney these three skyscrapers are one of the tallest new additions to Sydney’s skyline reaching some 217m tall comprising of up to 49 levels. They contain some of the largest businesses in the world from Westpac Group divisions, St. George Banking Group, Gilbert + Tobin, and leading global group reinsurers Swiss Re.Sydney CBD from Barangaroo

The 178 meter Tower Two was the one opened for Sydney Open giving access to levels 35, 36, and 41. International businesses Gilbert + Tolin had their offices on level 35 while SwissRe were on level 36 giving us the chance to explore their offices and see the views they are so lucky to have every day.

Almost immediately I realised just how open the floor space feels mainly because of the floor to roof windows providing vast views of Sydney and of Tower One and Three. The large open floor space allowed for open workspaces with furniture designed by Vitra an internationally renowned furniture designer from Switzerland.Inside Barangaroo Tower Two

The design of the building has a very noticeable curved at each end, this curve is designed to break the ‘corner office hierarchy’ and bringing in natural light and water views for as many inside the building as possible. While inside I also noticed large void areas between a number of levels linked with a number of wooden staircases. These are designed to encourage a sense of community from within the building and while we weren’t allowed to go down the staircases I can certainly see how they would encourage you to walk down and see those on other levels.

Looking down from level 41 apart from realising just how high I was I noticed a lot of solar panels on the roofs of buildings I didn’t realise were there. While I knew Barangaroo had been designed sustainability In mind I felt a little surprised with just how many solar panels there was – something I feel you don’t commonly see in the CBD of Sydney. The roof of Tower Two is also covered with panels, however, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to gain access to the rooftop.Barangaroo Tower Two looking down

The Event

Sydney Open is an event which occurs every year giving access to a range of buildings throughout the year. Every year there are always new buildings opened with Barangaroo, EY Centre on 200 George Street and Arup Studios and Workshop being new for 2016. You can check more information on the Sydney Open website.


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