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The Best Portable Music Speakers For Summer Into 2017

Summer in Australia means lighting up the BBQ, road trips, endless afternoons at the beach, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, camping trips, and much more. Throughout summer there is always one thing needed – music. Whether it is at the beach, celebrating the new year, relaxing by the pool or partying with friends music is an essential.

Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are one of the best ways you can bring music to the outdoors, so as we approach summer I have put together some of the best portable speakers you can buy now that will get you through the Australian summer of 2016/2017.

These speakers which are listed below in no particular order all offer a range of unique features, designs, and styles from some well-known companies like Bose and Beats to some not-so-known.


Earlier on in the year I actually reviewed the Fugoo TOUGH Bluetooth speaker, which completely surprised me in terms of just how much volume this speaker could produce. I had never heard of the Fugoo brand before but this speaker believe me is impressive.

It is water, mud, snow, and shock proof, so it can survive just about anything you are going to do this summer and into winter. It has a massive 40 hours of battery life, the loudest 360-degree audio I have heard coming from a portable speaker, and a 6 speaker system.fugoo-tough-durable-speaker

You can find more information or purchase one over at Melbourne-based online store Macintosh addict.


The popular UE Roll 2 speaker comes with an inflatable floatie so you can use it in the pool (It is waterproof so if it comes off the floatie it is no problem) – that instantly makes this speaker pretty awesome!

This speaker has 9 hours of battery life, has 360-degree sound, and also has a stretchy attachable bungee for strapping it to your bike or backpack throughout summer.ue-roll-2-australia-pool

UE Roll 2 can be purchased from Apple online Australia with free shipping in a variety of colours and styles including some available exclusively to Apple. At A$99.95 this is one of the most affordable speakers out there.

BeoPlay A1

Like the UE Roll 2 the A1 Speaker by BeoPlay is also circular in shape offering 360-degree sound in a design which can take all the knocks and bumps it is likely to experience during those summer trips.

This speaker is perfect for those who are looking for quality. BeoPlay are known for their design, using only the best materials available – from the genuine leather used in the handle to light (yet strong) aluminium, all of which I highlighted earlier on in the year.Beoplay A1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker-1

The BeoPlay A1 Speaker can be purchased from Apple online Australia with free shipping in silver.

Bose Soundlink Colour

Add colour to your celebrations with the colour Soundlink speaker from Bose – there are five colours to choose from.

Bose have packed in their audio technology into a speaker which is small, durable, and soft to the touch with its silicone exterior. While this one isn’t waterproof it is water-resistant so use it by the pool, by the BBQ or carry it to the beach with your friends – it will last 8 hours on one charge.

The Bose Soundlink Colour Speaker can be purchased from Apple online Australia in a variety of colours from red to black, bright blue to green, and more.

Plus more …

  • UE Boom 2: Like the roll 2 but in a cylinder sound – it is louder too
  • BeoPlay A2 Active: A larger (than the A1) portable, dust and splash resistant, Bluetooth speaker
  • Beats Pill+: A new and updated speaker from the previous very popular pill speaker

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