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Apple’s 20 Year Design Innovation Hardcover Photo Book

Have you ever wanted to see what 20 years of design at Apple looks like?

Design is a big part of Apple, I remember reading the official biography of Steve Jobs on how much effort he and the design team took on ensuring the insides of products looked as good as what you see – even though you don’t see it. Or how he painted the inside of a warehouse pure white. Then there is the Apple Watch where it was revealed Apple took thousands of photos of a real jellyfish for the animated jellyfish Watch face.Designed by Apple in California Photo Book iPhone CaseThis careful design spanning the last 20 years can now be explored visually in a book published recently by Apple – “Designed by Apple in California”. A title which comes from the very words which are carefully engraved on every Apple product we’ve seen.

Photo Book

Designed By Apple in California is a photo book containing 450 photographs over 300 pages revealing the innovation and materials used by the design team from the very first iMac in 1998 to the recent Apple Pencil for iPad Pro.Designed by Apple in California Photo Book Apple Watch

The book itself sounds quite incredible in itself, it is clear Apple has certainly taken the time in creating the book. The hardbound cover is made from linen and was developed over the last 8 years. The paper is specially milled from Germany and has matte silver edges while this particular paper is printed on using eight colour separations and low-ghost ink.


Apple is selling the book in two sizes exclusively from selected Apple Retail Stores around the world but the easiest way to buy it would be from Apple online including Apple online Australia from A$289.00 and Apple online US from $199.00.

Designed by Apple in California Photo Book Sizes


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