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Find Your Wallet And More With Tile, A Tiny Wireless Tracker

If there is one thing I do all too frequently I would have to say it would be losing my wallet (and I don’t think I am alone on that one). Every time I do I ask myself in frustration “I wish I could just call my wallet!” … It would make finding it so much easier.

It turns out you actually can with a nifty little product called Tile – a tiny device which is capable of ringing and more. To me this sounds all to perfect I simply need to slide a one into my wallet (which is easily done since it is as thin as two business cards), set it up with my iPhone then I can make it ring anytime I like with a free app.tile-mate-and-tile-slim

Tile can be attached to just about anything too from a wallet to an iPhone, or perhaps on a set of keys, a notebook computer, or that all important passport while travelling. As long as you are within the Bluetooth range which is some 100 feet/30 meters you will be able to make it ring. In terms of battery life they last about a year.

There are two types available – Tile Mate which can be attached to keychains and other small items and Tile Slim which is much thinner but more suitable for sliding into wallets, purses, etc. Both Tiles are now available from Apple including Apple online Australia from A$89.95, Apple online New Zealand from NZ$99.95, and Apple online US from $54.95 for x2 Slim Tiles or x4 if you decide on the Tile Mate.


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