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Adobe Lightroom For iPhone Now Much More Professional, Yet Simpler

Since using the iPhone 7 Plus I have been capturing much of my photography by using the Adobe Lightroom app because of the detailed editing control and RAW format support all of which I explored previously.

To much of my delight, Adobe has released a significant update to the app which brings a much better user interface, a professional photo capture mode, support for more cameras, and more.

Lightroom Mobile

Right away, I’m finding using the app is much easier than previously and it is now possible to use one-handed with changes to the UI which puts detailed editing controls in groups which are lined along the bottom. For example, I can tap into ‘Light’ and edit things like exposure, contrast, whites and blacks and get to the Tone Curve tool all from my thumb where previously controls were commonly on the far left side.Adobe Mobile Lightroom iPhone

Taking photos is now much more professional with a new ‘PRO’ mode allowing for settings to be applied at the point of photo capture making your iPhone even closer to a DSLR camera. This includes things like white balance control, ISO, exposure lock, and more all of which were missing in previous versions.

There is also the ability to add metadata information to each photo which previously was not possible.


I look forward to using the Lightroom App a lot more down the track. The app can be updated and/or downloaded from the App Store for iPhone and iPad.


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