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Netflix Now Offers Offline Downloads, Perfect For Plane And Train Trips

Video and music streaming services both act in very similar ways – browse what you want to listen or watch from a large library and you will get it in an instant.

Music streaming, however, has for a long time offered a way to save your music for offline so you can listen to your music later when you have no internet or want to limit the impact on your data limit. Video streaming services have not offered this – until

Netflix now allows you to save a range of movies and TV shows, including many Netflix Originals for offline on your tablet or mobile (including iPhone) with a simple download. This means you can now watch Netflix where you are not going to have Wi-Fi, or reliable internet, such as during plane trips, travelling on road trips, or on the bus/train.

This feature is available worldwide including Australia and New Zealand, so I took a look through to see what can be downloaded, and from what I could see not everything is offered – however, there is a long list of popular movies and TV shows that I could download instantly. This includes the new Netflix Original show The Crown, House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, Black Mirror, and a range of movies. The Disney movies available on Netflix are not available for download yet (likely due to rights restrictions), which is unfortunate.

To get going simply update to the latest Netflix app on iPad, iPhone, or on Android phones and tablets and tap “download” on available content in the app.


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