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How Osmo Pizza Co. For iPad Makes Teaching Kids Math and More Fun

Learning things like math, finance, and problem-solving from textbooks as a kid was never fun to me but technology and devices like iPads didn’t exist either. Now they do, and they can be used to provide a learning experience that is fun and interactive.

The new Osmo Pizza Co. Commerce Kit for iPad is a perfect example of this because it combines your iPad, an app, and physical objects to teach the kids of today’s world math, finance, and more.Kids have to run their own virtual pizza shop where they will need to correctly make orders using ingredient tiles and keep their customers happy. When it comes to the customer paying the challenge is to correctly give the right change using the included monopoly-style money.

The system uses the iPads camera to know when certain tiles are placed on the pizza board, the app is then able to respond in certain ways – for example, knowing when the correct ingredients have been placed.

This teaches them addition, subtraction & fraction while running their own business keeping customers happy and saving profits to invest in upgrades for their virtual pizza shop. The game will automatically adjust to the child’s level of ability to solve problems.

The Osmo Commerce Game Kit can be purchased from Osmo or from Apple including Apple online Australia for A$89.95, Apple online New Zealand for NZ$99.95, and Apple US for $59.95.


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