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Ubtech TankBot For iOS, Your Very Own WALL-E Like Programmable Robot

The last time I wrote about Ubtech’s programmable robots was when I took a look Meetbot, a fun humanoid robot which you can program to do life-like movements such as walking, dancing, waving, and more from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch using an app.

Since then, Ubtech has released another robot I wish to highlight called TankBot, one which looks and can be programmed to behave just like … WALL-E.Intentional or not this new robot reminds me of popular Disney character WALL-E in both appearance and movement. Tank-treaded wheels allow the character to move about while sensors enable the tracking and sense of objects to either be picked up or manoeuvred around.

Just like Meebot, the TankBot robot is constructed from interlocking logo-style pieces (something I had a lot of fun previously doing) and once done can communicate wirelessly to an iOS device ready to be programmed to move about.

Getting TankBot to move about and perform tasks can be done either by using pre-programmed actions (which is a great way to learn to code) or by creating your own using the app. The endless possibilities of actions do not just make TankBot fun and entertaining but, also a great educational product.

Where to buy

The TankBot programmable robot can be purchased online exclusively at Apple including Apple online Australia for A$219.95, Apple online New Zealand for NZ$239.95, Apple online US for $149.95, and more.


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