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VSCO for iOS Now Much More Powerful With RAW Image Support

Adding RAW image support to photography apps seems to be the latest big thing with a number of big-name developers bringing the feature to their apps since iOS 10 enabled the ability for iPhone to capture and read the format.

The last time I wrote about RAW was with the Adobe Lightroom app, one which I recently used on a trip to Japan but there is also another very popular app which has been listed as one of the all-time favourite photography apps on the App Store – VSCO.

VSCO has now also enabled full RAW image support into their app including the capture, importing, and editing. The importing is particularly interesting to me because it means you can capture RAW photos from a professional DSLR camera, import the photos to the VSCO app on iPhone or iPad, and edit them right there on the go.Having said that, you can capture RAW photography directly from in the app with supported iPhones ready for editing. If you are not sure what RAW is it basically means the original information of the image captured remains intact so when it comes time to editing you will have much more editing control.

VSCO, in their blog post, goes on to say “With RAW, you’re able to recover lost highlight detail, freely adjust colour balance, and bring out the full potential of RAW images from both your iPhone and DSLR camera.”

Simply update to version 15.0 of VSCO on the App Store to start using these new features.


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