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Apple Refurbished Review, Buy Apple Products Cheaper

One way to buy an Apple product cheaper is via Apple’s own refurbished store, where certified models are sold exclusively. This includes Mac computers, MacBooks, iPads, and more recently iPhone and Apple Watch, all of which are sold at discounted prices.

I recently purchased a 12.9-inch iPad Pro from the Australian store and ended up saving A$200 off the RRP – decent considering getting anything off Apple in terms of price is hard to come by. According to Apple, you can expect a discount of 15% off as a minimum.

Was it worth it?Refurbished iPad Pro White BoxI ordered the iPad Pro and with-in two days it was delivered to me, the box you do get is a white one with “certified refurbished” written on it but it is still based on an original box. This has been the only way I can tell the difference between the refurbished unit I purchased and a new one – the iPad Pro itself looks identical to a new one.

All the original accessories (charger, Lighting cable) was in the box, the iPad was sealed and wrapped just like a new one, it has a new outer shell and battery, and came with all the apps and latest iOS installed. I also purchased a silicone case and an Apple Pencil for drawing and sketching.

At the end of the day, Apple is not going to sell anything that is going to not be acceptable, even so, one of the reasons I was comfortable with making this purchase is because it is covered with Apple’s no-questions-asked free 14-day returns policy and the same warranty.

The only possible issue is the fact there isn’t always the stock of the product you are wanting in addition, sometimes it takes a little longer for more recent generation models to hit the refurbished store. For example, Touch Bar MacBook Pro models are yet to be listed.

It is also worth noting refurbished Apple Watch and iPhone models are available only in the US – for now.

Apple Refurbished Review (Based on iPad Pro)
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The good
Looks just like new
Includes free apps
Free delivery and 14-day returns
Saved A$200
The 🙁
Stock can be limited
Current generation models may not be available
Refurbished iPhone and Apple Watch models only in the US (for now)
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