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Apple Watch Activity Rings Explained

The Apple Watch is capable of doing a range of things, however, the monitoring and tracking of daily fitness activity and health is a big benefit of wearing one. Since wearing an Apple Watch I have found it to be very helpful in motivating me to do more exercise simply because of three rings called activity rings.

Throughout the day my Apple Watch automatically starts to fill three circular rings, the aim at the end of the day is to completely close them. So what are they all about?

The Rings

The three rings represent the progress of move, exercise, and standing throughout the day. Move, coloured in red fills as I burn active calories, while the green ring is how many minutes of exercise I have completed, and thirdly the blue ring is standing hours where I have moved around for at least a few minutes.

It becomes quite satisfying to see them completely closed, and as a result, they soon become a motivating way to do more fitness and exercise. At the end of each week, I get a summary of how many times I achieved my daily goal and can choose to adjust it if necessary. The watch rewards me with achievements and displays all my activity and workouts on my iPhone.

Buy Apple Watch

You can learn more about the Apple Watch and its fitness and health benefits at Apple including Apple Australia, Apple New Zealand, and Apple US.


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