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Review: An Adventure With The BeoPlay A2 Active Speaker

There is no better way to spend summer in Australia than perhaps going on road trips to the beach, and enjoying the outdoors. Over the holidays I decided to do exactly that and took the BeoPlay A2 Active speaker with me to enjoy music along the way – after all, Bang & Olufsen have designed this speaker for portability and it is one that is suitable for the outdoors.

The start of my adventure begins in the Illawarra, South of Sydney for a hike along the Sublime Point Walking Track, a challenging steep track through a rainforest and up a cliff escarpment to Sublime Lookout. This lookout provides views from Sydney’s Royal National Park of the north and south coast, to as far as the eye can see.During the hike, I was able to carry the speaker using the woven canvas strap, which is actually one of my favourite design choices of the speaker. This strap enables an almost instant and natural way of carrying the speaker that I have not previously experienced with other speakers. It also compliments the rest of the design well, which consists of a strong solid aluminium core and a polymer shell.

The design of this speaker is solid and its quality of materials is one of the reasons I look to BeoPlay – however, at 1.1 kg I would suggest the A1 speaker if you’re going to carry it around for a long length of time.

At multiple times I stopped to rest, placing the speaker down and taking in the view (which became more incredible the higher I went). This was when I understood the benefit of the True 360-degree sound technology built into the speaker – as I moved around taking photos of the view the sound never faded out and always remained the same no matter where I was.The quality of the sound does not disappoint – it produces clear high-quality sound, even at high volume and I felt the quality of the audio wasn’t compromised.

A big part of the A2 Active is its resistance to dust and splashes – both of which make it suitable to take to the beach without worry. After my hike, I decided to drive to Austimer Beach, North of Thirroul, because of the interesting rock pools and beautiful sandy beach.

For the rest of the afternoon, I set up a picnic by the rock pools and enjoyed music as we watched waves crashing in and swam. At the end of the day, this is one of the big reasons portable speakers exist – to bring music to just about anywhere you go, and set the perfect mood for those experiences.If you are looking for a speaker with great sound, and one which is going to last for quite a long time the BeoPlay A2 Active meets those needs. It also works with the BeoPlay App (which I am going to touch on later) that allows you to adjust the sound with presets, pair multiple speakers, personalise your speaker, and more.

For more information on the A2 Active or to purchase one head over to the BeoPlay website. You can also buy one online here in Australia from the new BeoPlay Australia online store.

My Review And Thoughts
Sound Quality100
Reader Rating15 Votes50
What I Loved
Quality sound & design
Woven canvas carrying handle
Wireless control
BeoPlay App for sound adjustment, personalisation, presets, and more

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