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Watch A Cover Of The New Yorker Magazine Illustrated Using iPad Pro And Apple Pencil

One of the best ways to illustrate with the iPad Pro is by using an Apple Pencil, and one of the most popular apps to use it with is Procreate – one which beginners to artists choose to use.

The combination of a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil, and the Procreate app is what was used to illustrate a recent cover of the New Yorker magazine by artist Jorge Colombo. The process of how this cover was created can be seen in a time-lapse video using a new feature which records what you are doing on-screen while using the app.New Yorker Magazine iPad ProWhile short, the video shows how the artist was able to draw with the Apple Pencil using multiple layers to create his artwork called “Waterways”. It is interesting to watch how the illustration starts off with the background being drawn in, followed by the basic outline of the ferry, and then final detail including the lights of the ferry and city in the background.

The Apple Pencil is a product designed by Apple to work alongside the iPad Pro which enables much better control and precision with sketching, drawing, illustrating and more. iPad Pro and Apple Pencil can be purchased from Apple including Apple online Australia, Apple online New Zealand, and Apple online US.

You can also see other artwork created from the Procreate app from their forums.


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