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An Overview Of What You Can Look Forward To With Nintendo Switch

It has been a busy few months for Nintendo following the unveiling of their seventh-generation home console, the Nintendo Switch.

We got our first look at the console back in October however, it was not until the Nintendo Switch Presentation (January, 2017) that Nintendo revealed the all important information from the detail of the console, to games, pricing, and when it actually comes out.

By now there is a big chance you know many answers to those questions as news of the console has come in thick and fast – after all, I would say it is their most anticipated console in years – so here, I want to give a general summary of all the important information as a recap of what you can expect with and from the Nintendo Switch.

The Console

The Nintendo Switch itself is a result of Nintendo taking what they described as “DNA” from their previous consoles and putting them into one system – and it is interesting to see how it came about.

Nintendo has taken the two controllers included with the NES, the analogue stick of the 64, motion control of the Wii, the touch screen of the DS, and the ability to play games off-screen from the Wii U gamepad, and more to create a new hybrid console using all these familiar design elements.

As a result of this, the Nintendo Switch is a console which can be used at home connected to a TV, off the screen, but also anywhere out of the home because the console itself is essentially a portable 6.2-inch multi-touch display – becoming a true portable home console.

On either side of the screen are two controllers called Joy-Con, which each have a series of buttons, a joystick, and enable motion control just like the Wii. They can be used with the screen (reminding me of the Wii U gamepad), independently like Wii remotes (great for multi-player abilities), or together. Personally, I (and many others) prefer more conventional controllers, and Nintendo has taken this into consideration by including this option of a Pro controller as a separate purchase.Games

The multiple ways you can use the console and the controllers is going to enable some interesting ways to play games whether it be it by yourself, or with friends. This can be seen in a number of games which have already been announced, and the ones which are launching with the console.

Starting with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, one of the most anticipated games that many (including myself) have been waiting for. It has been in development for years, and the wait is almost over with confirmation that it will be released alongside the Nintendo Switch – along with the Wii U on the same day.

I am personally excited to play this on the TV to take advantage of the graphics, but the fact I will be able to play this anywhere is exciting to me.Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, set for release on April 28th can be played on the TV in 1080p, on-screen in handheld mode, and even in split-screen mode anywhere you like with each player using a Joy-Con controller for gameplay.

I can imagine never being bored on a long-haul flight again, and this is just the beginning of how this console will be a lot of fun with friends or family.

Launching with the console are titles: The Legend Of Zelda, 1-2-Switch, Skylanders Imaginators, Super Bomberman R, and Just Dance 2017.

Throughout 2017 we will see games from a range of developers released from EA’s FIFA, Nintendo’s new Mario game Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Skyrim, Sonic Mania, and more. It is good to see a lot of developers already planning games and back on board with Nintendo – some of whom didn’t extend that interest to the previous console, the Wii U.Release and Pricing

Then come two important questions: what is the price and when is the release date?

There will be a worldwide release that will see the console launch around the world including here in Australia on March 3rd, 2017. As a quick side-note the console is also region-free meaning will you be able to buy and import games with no issue.

The price of the Nintendo Switch does vary around the world with official pricing here in Australia set at RRP A$469, while across in New Zealand they will get it for NZD$549.00. [US$299 in the United States, 29,980 yen for Japan, and £279.99‎ for the UK]. For the rest of Europe Nintendo is recommending to check with your local retailer.

For more detailed information on the console head over to the Nintendo website, or watch the series of videos below including the hour-long presentation.


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