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Facts On Apple Park, Apple’s New Campus in Cupertino

Apple Park, the name Apple has given to their new 175-acre campus in Cupertino, California which will soon be home to 12,000 employees. We will never know everything about the new campus, however, while announcing the new name Apple revealed some interesting information on their new campus.

The 175-acres of land was originally full of asphalt and concrete, now a parkland filled with over 9,000 native drought-resistant trees and grassy fields. This parkland was envisioned by Steve Jobs as a centre for creativity and collaboration. He spent much of the last two years of his life on this project.

The main campus building, the centrepiece of Apple Park is a 2.8 million-square-foot building that has been designed with the world’s largest curved panels of glass, runs on 100% renewable energy, and is projected to be naturally ventilated nine months of the year. Apple worked closely with architectural practice Foster + Partners on the design of the building.

Steve Jobs Theater

Situated on one of the highest points of Apple Park and overlooking the main campus building is a 1,000-seat auditorium which will soon be the location for many of Apple’s future keynotes. It too has been designed using large panels of curved glass 20-foot (6m) in height, supporting a large metallic carbon-fibre roof that is 165 feet (50m) in diameter.

Apple has also given the auditorium a name – the Steve Jobs Theater.

The big question I had while reading about Apple Park… can the general public visit? It turns out Apple Park will include a visitors centre which will feature an Apple Store and cafe but the rest of Apple Park will be for employees only. They will have access to a fitness centre, secure research and development facilities, and over two miles of walking and running paths.

Apple Park is set to open to employees from April 2017 and take some six-months to complete the move.


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