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A Guide To Apple’s Back To University Deal

It is that time of year again where many of us see ourselves preparing to head back to university. For some, this involves shopping for a new computer or tablet. In Australia and New Zealand Apple is lending a hand with a ‘Back To Uni’ deal that sees discounted pricing on their Mac computer and iPad Pro range, with a bonus Apple Store Gift Card thrown in.

Here you can learn more about what Apple is offering, get a summary of each product, and how you can purchase a new Mac or iPad Pro at Apple from their Educational pricing store.

The Deal

All year-round Apple offers special pricing to students, teachers, and staff members – on top of this you will also get a bonus Apple Store Gift Card, which can be used towards a purchase in the future.

The promotion includes the Mac computer range, which includes all MacBooks, such as the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. It also includes the iPad Pro range.

  • Mac – Save up to A$300/NZ$340 plus receive a bonus A$100/NZ$105 Apple Store Gift Card
  • iPad Pro – Save A$30/NZ$30 plus recieve a bonus A$70/A$75 Apple Store Gift Card.

The offer is available to university students, students accepted into university, parents of those students, teachers, and staff members.

Eligible Products

There are five (5) Mac computers eligible for the offer, along with the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch (2) iPad Pro models.Each product has a key purpose and feature. Here is a general summary of each eligible product:

  • MacBook Air – Apple’s entry-level MacBook
  • MacBook (12-inch) – the lightest and most portable MacBook
  • MacBook Pro – The most powerful Apple notebook computer
  • iPad Pro – The most powerful iPad, with support for the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil

Each product includes apps ready for University and can run Microsoft Office.

Where To Buy

The offer is exclusive to Apple, therefore, you can take advantage of the offer at official Apple Retail Stores or their online store. There you can view and purchase eligible products, choose from free shipping or pickup, and get 14-day free returns.

The offer ends March 16th, 2017 however, after that date special discounting will still continue but you will not get the bonus gift card.

You can also compare Apple’s Educational Pricing at Mac Prices Australia and Mac Prices New Zealand. Educational Pricing is also available at Apple in the United States, however, the Back To Uni Offer does not apply there.


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