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BeoPlay M5 Wireless Music Speaker Design, Review

Over the past few months I have been using BeoPlay’s new M5 wireless speaker in my home for all my music – in a number of ways, I have found it to be one of the simplest products in terms of design and function. However, it isn’t short of surprises. Here I wanted to share my thoughts on the design and functionality of the speaker.

Designed by Cecilie Manz, a Danish industrial designer, the M5 is a cylinder-shaped speaker, and the inside is packed with speaker drivers along with other technology. On the outside, the speaker is wrapped in a Danish woven wool textile topped with an aluminium disc. It is simple, minimal, and in a way, you could be excused for thinking it wasn’t a speaker at all.

The selection of material is one of the reasons why I love this speaker so much – this is not just any woven fabric either, but one which has been designed to enhance acoustics. Up close you can see the detail in the woven fabric. It is interchangeable with different colours, too, so there is a big chance you will be able to make it fit with the style of your home. As a result. rather than trying to hide the speaker away or behind furniture, it is one that may also serve as a decoration itself.The experience between design and functionality is seamless. Interaction with the speaker physically is also quite minimal, therefore if you wanted to you could put it in places without worrying about the need to reach buttons and controls. The matte-finished aluminium disc, which tops out the speaker, does bring some interactivity – a press will play/pause your music, while a simple twist in either direction will adjust the volume, noted by subtle clicks as you do this, which is a nice addition.

Additionally, all of the functionality can be controlled wirelessly from devices such as a smartphone, computer, tablet, and so forth – including by using the BeoPlay app, where you can personalise the speaker, specify where the speaker is in your home, and more.
While I am no sound engineer the choice of shape – a cylinder, seems to be key as to why the sound produced from this speaker is nothing short of incredible. The 360-degree sound is clear, loud, and the bass can be satisfyingly thunderous, as it is pushed out from the bottom where the speaker is raised up slightly from its base.

The BeoPlay M5 wireless speaker is available from a range of stores around the world including from the BeoPlay website. Here in Australia, you can purchase one at A$899 from the new Australian BeoPlay online store.

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