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Hiking Fitzroy Falls Australia, Shot On iPhone

The Southern Highlands south-west of Sydney Australia is a place I love to regularly travel to. If you are looking for a day trip Bowral and the surrounds will be a great choice. There is something for everyone.

Go a little out of Bowral and you will come across a place called Fitzroy Falls. It is both a small country town and famous waterfall. After weeks of rain, it is here where I decided to do some hiking and photography with my iPhone.

The starting point is the visitors centre and cafe, from there you walk alongside the river for a short time before it quickly opens into a vast valley. It is here the river you were following falls 80m into the valley below. I have been here a number of times, however, go after recent rain and you can guarantee to see the waterfall well and truly alive.

Fitzroy Falls, Shot from iPhone 7 Plus

Fitzroy Falls, Shot from iPhone 7 Plus

If you are up for a hike at this point there are two main walking tracks to choose from, The West Rim and East Rim and Wildflower Walking Track. I chose the West Rim Walking track which is a 3.5 km return hike. Along the way, you will experience plenty of lookouts as the path takes you along the top of the escarpment. This path starts through the forest, however, soon enough you will be walking down stone steps into a rain forest where you will be rewarded with more waterfalls.

For more information on visiting Fitzroy Falls or surrounding activities head over to the NSW National Parks website.


  • Where: Fitzroy Falls, NSW, Australia
  • Address: 1301 Nowra Road, Fitzroy Falls NSW 2577, Australia
  • Cost: Free, A$4 parking
  • Photography: Shot on an iPhone 7 Plus


All photos were taken from my iPhone 7 Plus. You can view high-quality versions here.


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