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The Simple Way I Manage My Photography On My iPhone

My iPhone is my primary camera and has been so for the past few years. I use it to take photos of everything – from my pet dog, to events, and while travelling or on holidays. As a result, I have thousands of photos on my iPhone, creating the need to develop a process in which I manage these photos, making sure I only keep the very best…

The scenario goes something like this: I see something incredible, or I am doing a review of a product, and I take photos of it. Like many, I end up taking multiple photos of almost the same thing, just to make sure I have captured the right shot. I quickly accumulate a large number of duplicate or unsuitable photos I want to cut down.

Apps like Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile will allow you to approve and reject photos with ‘flags,’ which is feature not included in the standard photos app on iOS and MacOS. However, they do have a feature that can be used to similar effect called ‘Favourites.’

As I swipe through the photos I have recently captured I click the heart at the bottom for every one I want to keep. A favourite is essentially a version of the approved flag, placing them in a separate folder to easily review. I then navigate back to all photos and select and delete all photos which do not have a heart icon displayed.Depending on the situation I will even repeat the step until I only have the very best photos I have captured. Everything I do, including photo deletions and edits, is automatically synced across between my iPhone and Mac using iCloud Photo library – a feature I highly recommend and have written about in the past.

Furthermore, I no longer worry about sorting photos into albums because of the new search feature Apple has incorporated into Photos (if you have iOS 10, or later). If I want to view photos from certain location, I just search for it by name – for example “Tokyo,” or “Sydney.” I can even search for more specific subjects with-in Photos, for example, if I search “dog” I get all photos in my Camera Roll featuring my dog, Apollo. Or “mountains”, “snow,” and lots more within this intelligent system Apple have implemented.


  • Favourite (tap love heart icon) the photos you love.
  • Navigate back to viewing all photos.
  • Tap and select all photos with NO heart, delete.
  • Use search rather than albums to organise photo library.

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