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FRAMED 2, A Simple Idea That Is Surprisingly Enjoyable

Sometimes the simplest of ideas make a big impact and for me, when it comes to mobile gaming a small, unique idea can make all the difference between the experience being enjoyable, or one that quickly gets old. The FRAMED game series by Loveshack has a unique and simple idea behind it which had me so surprised I purchased their newly-released prequel, FRAMED 2 immediately.


A mobile game often involves some standard controls such as jumping, running, turning, etc, in FRAMED these are all out. Instead of controlling the character, as is typical in many games, you control the story. This is done with a scene that is played out like a comic book. Each scene you must re-arrange the panels in the correct order, sometimes multiple times.FRAMED 2 on iPadMoving panels might sound easy, but you’d be mistaken for thinking it is not challenging. Each panel will change the way the scene is played out, which will either see the silhouetted character make it to the end successfully or being caught. Elements in each panel, like ladders, bikes, path direction changes, and etc. will see the scene change unexpectedly and in surprising ways.

I fell in love with this in FRAMED, but for FRAMED 2 – even more. The game only improves on elements present in the original idea. Controlling the scene is still the obvious primary mechanic, but the story and challenges are even better than before. So too is the interesting, signature design and unique visual style of the series, which sees the mysterious scenes created so well thanks to hand-drawn silhouetted characters. This is along with an immersive jazz soundtrack that sets the scene for the action.


FRAMED 2 is available from the App Store for iPhone and iPad worldwide, priced here in Australia at A$7.99.


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