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Review: Hover Self-Flying Camera Passport Has Everything You Need In A Drone

The Hover Passport Camera Drone does everything you would expect a drone to do – fly, and allow you to capture either video or photos from perspectives high up in the air. However, it also does something many drones cannot — self-fly. It can track and follow you automatically using facial and body recognition, and it does a good job at doing so.

This isn’t just the focal point of the product as a whole. I have found it makes it one of the easiest and safest drones to fly because technically you don’t have to do any of the work. Keeping that in mind, the option of using manual control, along with some other modes are there if you want. When doing so, I felt comfortable flying it and have been able to easily control the drone, without losing control of it.Hover Camera Hovering Tracking FeatureA big part of this is because of its design. The design brings a carbon fibre shell with the all important blades within. Simply fold the design out like a passport book, hold it out, and it will hover. As the blades are inside, ending a flight is as simple as grabbing the drone and folding it up.

I am glad they have chosen to use carbon fibre over plastic (even if it does come at a price) because while I haven’t yet, crashes with drones can and do happen. It will easily withstand any accidents you might have. Object avoidance technology seems to be a missing feature, though.

The lightness of the drone becomes an issue on windy days or fairly strong breezes. That said, I feel this is an issue for many drones out there. Battery life is where I’d also like to see improvements. Each of the two included batteries last about 10minutes but charge quite quickly, in about 20min. Again, this is quite comparable to other drones.Hover Camera-Passport Drone Photo ExampleThe quality of the photos and videos I captured from this drone were pretty impressive quality – especially on fine days. However, during low lighting, the quality begins to degrade. In overcast weather, it can be hit and miss as the camera attempts to correctly balance light, but it is still perfectly usable and accomplished for what it is.

Hover Camera is available exclusively at Apple including Apple Online.

Buy Online: Apple Australia | Apple New Zealand | Apple US


Review: Hover Self-Flying Camera Passport Has Everything You Need In A Drone
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What made me 🙂
Self-flying and tracking abilities
Ease of use and flying
Carbon fibre design
Range of modes including manual flying mode
What made me 🙁
Battery life

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