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Back To The Film Era With Gudak, A Disposable Camera App For iPhone

I remember the days prior to the digital era, where disposable cameras and shooting photos on rolls of film were the only way. When you had a limited amount of photos to take, you couldn’t review them, and once you were done you had to wait a number of days for them to get developed. Then came the digital era.

The digital era has brought in digital cameras, which were soon replaced by camera phones like iPhone. Don’t get me wrong I think this era of photography is great. It has though taken away in some ways the excitement (and in some cases anxiousness) I remember. For example, wondering just how your photos will turn out. It just isn’t there anymore. – but I’ve found an app which in a way does.


Gudak Cam is an iPhone camera app which essentially is a disposable camera for your iPhone. Each day you have 24 shots you can take, you cannot preview them, and when you’re done you have to wait 3 full days for the virtual roll of film to finish developing.

The app brings the past into the future by forcing us to only capture a few photos and enjoying the moments we captured. It’s even been designed like an old style Kodak disposable camera, with a small digital viewfinder.

Example Gallery

On a recent trip, I decided to use the Gudak app instead of the standard iPhone camera app. You can view the photos I captured below.


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