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A Look At Australia’s First Redesigned Apple Store

The number of Apple Stores around Australia has grown to more than 20 and all feature impressive designs. Apple Chadstone, one of Apple’s busiest store in Australia on the outskirts of Melbourne CBD closed its doors for the last time and reopened with an all new design.

Australia’s First Apple Store

I remember making a two hour trip into Sydney to take a look at Apple’s first store in Australia. Apple Sydney opened in June 2008, when the iPod was one of the most popular products in the world. The iPhone 3G, the first iPhone to be released in Australia was still to be announced.

I had never seen a store like it before. No store had huge three-story panels of glass, a staircase made from glass and products presented on large wooden tables. Today the store remains much the same but, a lot has happened since. The iPhone has replaced the iPod, the Mac has received plenty of revisions and releases and the iPad and Apple Watch have both been introduced to the world.

Apple has also started to roll out an all new design to their stores. In what is being called, “next-generation” stores.

Apple Chadstone

I was recently in Melbourne and decided to take a look In what was a flashback to the first time I went to Apple Sydney.

The front of the new store still features large panels of glass, but rather than being fixed in place large pivot doors open up the entire front of the store. I was quick to notice the doors aligned perfectly to a series of black strips of lights in the ceiling of the store.

Inside the store, the large wooden tables which products sit on remain unchanged. This is because they are the same tables Apple’s design team use to start designing each product. But how accessories and other products are displayed along the walls of the store has changed. Accessories are now categorised into collections. For example, smart home, music, app-connected gadgets and so on.

Wood is used a lot more around the store, replacing a lot of aluminium previously used. Wooden spheres, designed to represent a head are used for headphones, while the health and fitness area has the three activity rings from the Apple Watch etched in. Surrounded by accessories compatible with the watch.

Towards the back of the store is where some of the biggest changes can be seen. A large wall TV takes much of the rear wall. While an arrangement of leather seats and wooden stools are scattered on the floor. All while a number of natural trees stand tall under a huge skylight which floods the store with light. This area is where Today At Apple events are held and is where you can get help and support from Apple’s geniuses. The Genius Bar, now gone.

Future Stores

The new design is one in which Apple started with the new San Fransisco store in the US. Stores in the US, Paris, UK and now Australia have since received the new design. Eventually, it will arrive at all stores. I’m looking forward to the day Apple Sydney gets the refresh.


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