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Apple Watch Registered The Moment I Was Told, “It’s Cancer”

When Apple announced the Apple Watch they said it was “Apple’s most personal device ever”. Yet, I never thought it would became a personal device to myself in which would record a life-changing event – the moment I was told I have cancer.

On April 12th, 2017 at 11:32am I walked into my doctors room. My doctor immediately turned around and said “It’s cancer, you have cancer”. The words no one wants to hear, especially at the age of 27. I remember feeling numb. A wave of panic hit and it was as if the world around me paused in time. It is a moment of time I won’t forget.

My Heart Rate

It turns out, my Apple Watch, which I was wearing at the time registered my reaction to the news. It did so by registering a large spike in my heart rate from 84 BPM to 134 BPM (beats per minute). My Activity Rings, three rings that show my daily move, exercise and standing goals – dropped off. Not only did they drop off on the day, but in the months following while I went through chemotherapy treatment.

As I went through the journey with cancer, my Apple Watch registered several days of high heart rates. They are the days in which represent a significant moment in the journey. Such as, days of having to wait to find which type of cancer it was. Waiting for the result following my first scan during treatment. Wondering if chemotherapy was working or not (I was told, “You’re in complete remission”).

My Apple Watch, which I was wearing at the time recorded the event and the reaction of my heart.

Looking at this information is both emotional and amazing. Forever I will be able to see the effects of this life-changing event. Never did I think my Apple Watch would record such a moment of my life. It did this automatically, by registering and recording my heart rate throughout the day. I’m grateful for it being able to record this information and allowing me to reflect and realising how much further I have come since beating cancer.

The Future

I am now in remission and I’m expected to make it though. My Apple Watch, in turn, is playing an important role in helping me get back into fitness. It is able to help me set daily goals for exercise and gradually increase them as I get better. I am now wearing an Apple Watch Series 3. It has even better heart rate monitoring abilities and more. Like being able to worn while during swimming. In the future, I will be sharing how It will help me get back into health and fitness during 2018.


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