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Cycling and Returning To Health with Apple Watch

This year, one of my goals is to get back into better health. A New Year resolution? Not exactly. Last year I spent much of the year fighting cancer with months of chemotherapy. I went from being a healthy 28-year-old, to someone who could barely walk.

Earlier on in the year I shared a story on how my Apple Watch registered the moment I was told I had cancer. This time, I want to share how my Apple Watch has helped me get back into better health during my remission.


At the start of the year I set myself some goals I wanted to achieve. I decided I want to try and exercise every day, eat better, and to drink plenty of water. I also wanted to start cycling to mix things up. To help me out, 99 Bikes in Australia, were generous enough to set me up with a slick Pedal Messenger Tokyo bike!

I am happy to write that I have achieved all of my goals and I have never felt better. I’ve been walking every day, cycling every few days, and eating much better.

Apple Watch

So where does Apple Watch come into this? My Apple Watch motivates and helps me achieve my goals in a variety of ways. It also provides me a way to see my progress with achieving my goals.

Firstly, I have set my Apple Watch to remind me to eat a piece of fruit every day, and to drink plenty of water. But it also measures all my exercising and shows me my daily activity. As a result, I have managed to complete my Activity Rings for 50+ days straight.

There have also been two Activity challenges for all Apple Watch users, which has rewarded me with two special achievements badges. The first was for closing all three rings seven days in a row in January 2018, with the New Year Challenge. This was followed by Heart Month, where the goal was to complete the exercise ring seven days in a row.

These two activity challenges motivated me to get out and exercise to achieve the badges. Without them, I am not so sure if I would have exercised everyday.


Throughout the day my Apple Watch records my health and fitness information into my Health app. Being able to see just how much better I am doing compared to last year really does feel great. At the end of the day, I would have the same goals with or without Apple Watch, but I am not so sure if I would have achieved them without it.

You can learn more about Apple Watch from Apple online Australia and Apple online New Zealand. If you’re looking into cycling or wanting to get a bike, be sure to check the guys at 99Bikes.


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