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Pilot your own Drone with Bebop by Parrot

The newest flying Drone from Parrot is here; arriving on the Apple Online Store in Australia just in time for Christmas. Also arriving is an optional Skycontroller enabling you to fly Bebop Drone from up to 2km away! (but more on that in a second).

The Bebop is a small, lightweight flying device which promises to give you hours of fun – allowing you to fly it virtually anywhere you like both inside and outside.

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Twelve South brings gold with it’s HiRise Deluxe dock

Earlier in the year Twelve South brought to us the HiRise, a dock for your iPhone/iPad with lightning port elevating your iPhone while keeping it charging. They then added a black colour option but now they’re adding an entire new dock to it’s series called the ‘HiRise Deluxe’.

The HiRise Deluxe looks similar and pretty much does the same job – It elevates your iPhone from your desk, charges it and makes a great handsfree/music speaker. But they have made changes since the HiRise.

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Waterproof your iPhone 6 & more with LifeProof

The long awaited LifeProof case for iPhone 6 is here offering not only waterproofing but snow, dust and shock protection as well.

The new iPhone 6 case offers:

  • Waterproofing for up to 2m underwater for an entire hour.
  • Protected from dirt & dust (great for those on bikes!)
  • Protected from snow and ice.
  • Survives drops from 2m with military grade specs.
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