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Twelve South brings gold with it’s HiRise Deluxe dock

Earlier in the year Twelve South brought to us the HiRise, a dock for your iPhone/iPad with lightning port elevating your iPhone while keeping it charging. They then added a black colour option but now they’re adding an entire new dock to it’s series called the ‘HiRise Deluxe’.

The HiRise Deluxe looks similar and pretty much does the same job – It elevates your iPhone from your desk, charges it and makes a great handsfree/music speaker. But they have made changes since the HiRise.

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Waterproof your iPhone 6 & more with LifeProof

The long awaited LifeProof case for iPhone 6 is here offering not only waterproofing but snow, dust and shock protection as well.

The new iPhone 6 case offers:

  • Waterproofing for up to 2m underwater for an entire hour.
  • Protected from dirt & dust (great for those on bikes!)
  • Protected from snow and ice.
  • Survives drops from 2m with military grade specs.
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Discover luxury leather with Twelve South iPhone 6 wallet case

Twelve South have finally announced the arrival of their SurfacePad leather case for iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus which can now be pre-ordered in Australia from Try & Byte.

You’ll enjoy it’s premium quality, soft Napa leather which is designed to protect your iPhone without adding much bulk and weight. It’s extremely thin at just 2mm. On the inside you’ll find two card slots (anymore and the wallet will just get too bulky) – enough for say your license and card.

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Record video from your iPhone with this tripod by JOBY

Take your video recording or photography from your iPhone one step further with this iPhone tripod & mount from JOBY.

The flexible tripod works with iPhone 6 and previous models (looks like iPhone 6 Plus may be not be suitable) with or without a case and provides smooth panning and tilting video – shake free.

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BookArc available now for Mac Pro

Earlier in the year I had a chance to look at the BookArc möd from Twelve South, a wooden stand for your MacBook Pro/Retina.

This time around they’ve expanded the BookArc to the Mac Pro. Rather than being wood, it’s chrome matching the exterior material of your Mac Pro, standing it horizontally rather than vertically. Twelve South takes the effort to point out it’s perfectly okay to have your Mac Pro on the side, as it’s mentioned in Apple’s own manual.

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4-in-1 Ollclip lens for iPhone 6 is here

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have the best cameras in the world in a smartphone and is without a doubt one of the most important features to me.

However thanks to Olloclip you can do even more with your iPhone with their all new 4-in-1 lens accessory for iPhone & iPhone 6 Plus. A completely redesigned pocket sized lens simply attaches to the top of your iPhone in seconds giving both the front and rear cameras advanced optic lens.

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Personalise your MacBook with Rutledge BookBook series

Tailored from premium leather, each of these BookBook cases for both MacBook and iPad models is a unique work of art with it’s vintage style appearance. In the words from Twelve South “No two look exactly alike.”

Protecting your device on the outside is two hard covers, joined by a rigid spine while the inside is lined with an interior that is soft and padded.

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Track just about everything including your swimming, running & cycling with Misfit Shine

It’s small, it’s stylish and it tracks just about everything. Meet the Misfit Shine – an all metal tracker that can be worn on your body (wrist, shirt, pocket etc) to track anything from steps, sleeping and even to swimming (something a lot of other tracker’s don’t do). It’s worth noting Apple even included the product in their fitness ad screened recently on TV, featuring a swimmer using the device to record their swim.

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