Beoplay E4 Earphones

Place the Beoplay E4 earphones in and enjoy your music with the sounds of your surroundings… or without. It is your choice. This is all made possible with a technology called hybrid Advanced Noise Cancellation, a feature we enjoyed to use.

Walking down the street it’s really quite interesting to hear the difference. At the flick of a switch on the control unit it made the difference between hearing the usual sounds such as cars, people talking, the clutter of plates from cafes… or not.

The earphones themselves are designed from a lightweight metal that definitely gives it a premium feel and finish – exactly what we expect from Beoplay. The tips which go inside the ear are soft and are also changeable with different sized ones that are included.

Beoplay E4 Noise Cancellation Earphones Physical ControlsPhysical controls

What We Love

We ask ourselves what is the one feature we love most.

Bang & Olufsen sound with Active Noise Cancellation impresses. So does the 20-hour battery life. – Ben

Crisp, clear, sound quality that does not distort. – James


Where To Buy

The Beoplay E4 Earphones are available in a number of retail and online stores around Australia and in New Zealand including the official B&O PLAY online store. Pricing in Australia is a recommended retail price of A$380.

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